Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I have so many blessings to be thankful for here including all my family and friends and also all the fabulous people this social media world brings into my life. Wishing everyone a wonderful day filled with peace and love!

8:23 AM

My favorite movie from this year- Coco!!! @pixarcoco is a MUST see!! Beautiful scenery and animation, incredible music and incredibly heartwarming!! Perfect movie for the whole family this Holiday Season!! #pixarcoco

12:47 PM

Happy Sunday everyone!!

11:05 AM

Tried a new #veganrecipe last night for Portobello Lentil Shepard’s pie and oh my goodness it was delicious!! One bite brought me back to my childhood and my Meméré’s cooking! Amazing how that worked. The recipe is on the Carrots & Flowers website - a new site I’m loving and will be trying more recipes from!! I’ll add the link to my bio.

1:57 PM

Love my Google+ Followers

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