Monk in Myanmar

I love revisiting photos I've taken in the path and re-editing/playing with them again when the inspiration arises. I love the gentle, sweetness on this little monk's face. I'm encouraged to continue trying to live a more minimal/simpler life.

Evening Birthday Shoot

Shot my first evening birthday party this weekend!

It was such a blast - though I did get a bit nervous as the light started fading.

I think all went well and that they'll be happy with the shots.

I'll keep you posted!!

One thing is for sure...I had fun and am always looking for an opportunity to shoot more photos!



The most important thing in the world to me....definitely those I'm related to, but not limited to just those I'm related to, also including those I relate to - friends, bloggers, artists, writers, photographers, and all those who inspire...sending out love to you all!

My First Before & After

Okay, here goes....continuing with the sharing.

Here's my first before and after post.



I saw this funky little can sitting on the ground in Pescadero. I also had a "photo prompt" list with "something old" as one of the items and thought this would be perfect.

I love using photo prompts to help inspire using some of the photos I've snapped that I just simply don't know what to do with.

I've also started getting into putting quotes with my photos - lots more of that to come.

So, what do you think?

Any photo prompts to suggest?

Happy Wednesday,
~ Jen (aka Lita)

P.S. tonight I'm attending a free event over at Adobe on Advanced Photoshop for Photographers. Definitely not because I think I'm advanced or anything, but I'm so excited for the inspiration and learning!!